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Mickey Wells' Video:

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The 12th Station of the Cross, From Clay to Bronze, by  Mickey Wells

In response to artists and art lovers, Mickey Wells agreed to let us watch some of the processes involved in the creation of one of his life-size sculptures. Welcome to a unique video look at the making of the twelfth station of the cross. Mickey Wells will take you through a broad view of sculpting this powerful piece... from the clay to the mold to the metal.

In this video, Mr. Wells will walk you through the many complex stages necessary in creating beautiful bronze sculptures. You will see him sculpt, make the mold and work the wax for station twelve in his first edition series of his stations of the cross. Finally, you'll experience with him what it is like to pour the molten bronze and to create the finished product.

This is a 40 minute video. Cost is $20 . To purchase, email Southwest Bronze Studio at

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