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How To Get A Hold of Mickey...

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The projects we take on almost create a life of their very own. We are pleased with the response we have received from those who have viewed Mickey's work.

Appreciative of your kind and generous words, we invite you to share your comments with those who are viewing this site for the first time. If you would like to respond to this site and it's artist, feel free to sign our guest book via our face book account or write Mickey personally.

If you are in need of casting small or large pieces and/or are interested in bids on larger projects you are encouraged to use these contact addresses and numbers.

To e-mail Mickey Wells or the Southwest Bronze Studio for personal or business purposes, please CLICK HERE. or submit e-mail to

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Click here to sign on to Mickey's Fan Page... Take Care, God Bless

1400 N. WESTERN, Bldg C
Studio / Foundry
CELL: 806.206.6562

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