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The Shrine of Christ's Passion

This is an interview with Kevin Pawlowski, Paradise Found Studio.

Part two of the Kevin Pawlowski interview.

Shrine of Christ's Passion

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Bringing life to bronze is Mickey Wells' passion. With skilled hands and an eye for detail, Mickey Wells has personally crafted the pieces shown on this web-site.

Mickey Wells sculpts, molds and casts sculptures at his own foundry, Southwest Bronze Studio, located in Amarillo, Texas. A sculpture by Mickey Wells is truly, 100% by Mickey Wells.

After years of prayer, research and hard work, Mickey's first series of sculptures depicting the stations of the cross, have been completed. All of the sculptures are offered as limited editions by figure, partial station or by complete station(s).

sanctity of life

Desiple sleeping in the Garden
Jesus in the Garden
station 2

view station 4
station 4
station 5

station 6
staion 8

staion 10
station 11
station 12
station 13
station 14


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A generous man will prosper... Proverbs 11:25
Mickey would like to thank the people at the shrine and all the people that have supported his work both prayerfully and financially and It has always been his goal to glorify God with his ability.He would ask that you continue to support the shrine and if you would like to be a part of some of the new projects both prayerfully and financially please contact Mickey by email and he will foreword information and contacts of other groups and churches that are having fundraiser to create more inspirational sights.God Bless and thank you.

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